Hodočašće u Rim, povodom 450 obljetnice

Dragi prijatelji, kao što znate, prigodom proslave 450 obljetnice suradnje laika i družbe Isusove, organiziramo zajedničko hodočašće u Rim.


Više informacija na web-u:




Troškovi su također navedeni u tom dokumentu, a za one koji ne mogu platiti, talijanski ZKŽ nudi doprinos od 90 Eura, i smještaj u ZKŽ kućama (uključujući i obrok).


U prilogu je pismo Leonarda Bechettija, predsjednika talijanskog ZKŽ-a.






Dear CLCers


As you already came to know through Franklin and Sofia, our world secretariat, and from our website, we are organizing with great joy the celebration of the 450th anniversary of the birth of Christian Life Communities in Rome from the 26th to the28th of April in Rome. This historical moment of sharing and prayer will be a greater event of joy and celebration the more CLCers from different world countries will be able to meet face to face in Rome. For this reason we organized a series of moments in the three days specifically intended for our foreign guests: the conference on Friday with our world President, the concert in S. Ignazio on Saturday evening, the pilgrimage on the itineraries of Ignitian spirituality in Rome on Saturday, the Mass on Saturday with P.Nicholas the Father General and….. given the unique circumstances we are living in this historical moment your pilgrimage may also be a good occasion to meet the newly elected Pope.

In the Gospel it is said that “when two or more are together in My name I will be with them” ..and we will be many more !


We wait you in Rome !


The Italian president, the Exco and all the Italian CLC community